Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome to Whirled Burning - The Critic Watch Blog

Greetings, Earthlings.

I've just had a thought- I'm in a lucky position. I'm a creative entrepreneur who has critics who are also public writers.

Most of these critics are totally ignorant of my field, and don't have the wit to analyze what's well-done and what's not. They are usually anonymous, frequently incoherent, and remarkably uninformed.

I know that criticicism comes with success, but... wouldn't it be fun to critique the critics?

So, welcome to my new hobby. Envision me with my feet up on my desk, a glass of Malbec and a good cigar, Pat Metheny on the studio monitors, and blog critiques flying from my fingers into the internet.

I'll practice a while on some of the easier ones.

Who knows? This is so much fun, I may turn it into a career.

Stay tuned.